sábado, 27 de agosto de 2005

Life´s bitch sometimes... Damn right it is!

Sometimes life sucks, right? Bloody right it does! All of us have our truths, these are some of my own.

Why can't we just simply live by one set of rules? It'd be a lot simpler and truer

Why can't we only just fall for the one person who is right for us? We keep "tripping" and falling for the wrong ones

Why is that when we finally believe it will never happen again... it does.. and in the worst possible way ever

Why can't just people be honest and straight forward? The pain is... they'd have to face their own deepest truth for that to happen

Why do tend to move heaven and earth to keep believing the people we love are always worth our love? just humans after all...

Enough is enough... right, so why can't we just say it when we think we should? Something ties us with a painful silence and we keep quietly living the still

If it is widely known that it is easier to be seriously hurt by a friend or a loved one, than by a stranger or enemy, why then do we keep lowering the guard and inviting them into our souls? Bloody hope, trust and love... neither takes no prisoners

If the most important are the blood and the heart, then why can't we choose either of them? Even the friends, who are indeed chosen still can be wrongly hand picked

Why does finding love in our heart has to hurt? It has to be because it didn't belong there... and anything foreign in our body disturbs the natural balance

Pain hurts... loving hurts too, so why is that easier to sustain pain than to hurt for love? Pain can be controlled... no kind of love could ever be

it'd be a lot easier if there were only one truth about loving... anything , really...

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